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Welcome to the world of microgreens! OMG (Organic Microgreens) is delighted to present this curriculum, designed to bring awareness and educate students about the wonders of microgreens. As pioneers in the field of microgreens, OMG has dedicated the last two years to extensive research and experimentation to successfully establish a thriving business.


Microgreens may be tiny in size, but their impact on nutrition, sustainability, and culinary arts is immense. Through this curriculum, we aim to share our vast experience and knowledge with young minds, inspiring them to embrace healthier food choices and explore the potential of microgreens as a sustainable business venture.

Our journey began with a vision of making nutrient-rich, organically grown microgreens accessible to all. As we embarked on this path, we realized the importance of education to drive positive change in our communities. We firmly believe that by empowering the youth with knowledge about microgreens, we can collectively build a healthier and more sustainable future.


Throughout this curriculum, students will delve into the fascinating world of microgreens, from their humble beginnings as tiny seeds to their transformation into vibrant and nutritious greens. They will discover the science behind microgreens' growth and learn how these miniature plants play a vital role in supporting a balanced diet.

Beyond nutrition, microgreens have the potential to impact the world environmentally and economically. As students explore the environmental benefits of growing microgreens and the potential entrepreneurship opportunities, they will gain a deeper appreciation for the power of sustainable agriculture.

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Hands On Learning

We have carefully crafted each lesson to engage students actively, with hands-on activities, interactive discussions, and exciting group projects.

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Collaboration & TeamWork

We encourage students to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and explore their creativity as they learn about the incredible potential of microgreens.

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Learning by Doing

At the end of this curriculum, we hope students will not only understand the significance of microgreens but also be motivated to share their newfound knowledge with their families and communities.

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Social Impact

Whether it's by starting their microgreen gardens, making informed food choices, or spreading awareness about the benefits of microgreens, each student has the power to make a difference.

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