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Our Story

Established in the heart of Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad, OMG is built by heartful brothers who are farmers turned entrepreneurs, dedicated to inspiring the community to develop a wholesome lifestyle. Our mission is to encourage and connect people with fresh and nourishing food by making a long-lasting impression towards a healthy way of life. As OMG we value providing you and your family with our products fresh from the farm to the table, filled with love, and eaten with wholesome gratitude.

Our Philosophy

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At OMG we deliver all our products fresh every day and we believe in serving our customers with quality produce grown locally and hydroponically to match your daily dietary needs. 

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Every ingredient used at OMG is enriched with all the essential nutrients you need. We take pride in our holistic recipes which are curated by a team of nutritional & culinary specialists, to always support a well-balanced lifestyle. 

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 We use recyclable packaging and eco-friendly methods of chemical-free produce to ensure the safety of our community and to reduce our carbon footprint on earth through sustainable practices

Inspiring Healthier Lifestyles

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At OMG Greens, the emphasis is on taking the time to appreciate and savor each bite, to be mindful of the ingredients, and to feel gratitude for the food and the process of growing it. This approach is believed to help increase the absorption of the nutrients in the food, and also to foster a deeper connection with nature and our own bodies.

Still have doubts? Visit our FAQ page for more!

Our Timings:

Mon-Sun :  7AM - 8PM 
For Juices:  Order before 7AM
Lunch Orders :  12PM - 2 PM
Dinner Orders : 6PM - 8PM

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