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Get Creative with those greens: The OMG way!

Microgreens are still a bit of a novelty for most of us, even if their popularity is proliferating, so you might not know how to use them in your cuisine. You won't have to wait long to learn how to use them once you get started because of this and because they grow pretty quickly (average harvest times are 5–10 days)!

This blog will discuss some of our favourite salads, smoothie, snack, and other uses for microgreens. Please feel free to visit our blogs on these subjects and more - linked below - if you'd like to learn more about how to grow them or their numerous health advantages.

When To Harvest Microgreens?

You can begin sampling microgreens once their tiny leaves appear (which may take as little as three days for certain kinds). After microgreens sprout, it's fun to take a pinch each day to observe when your flavour peak because the flavour and texture of microgreens will alter over time. It's best to gather microgreens when necessary (meaning immediately before you eat them). The best technique to guarantee top nutrition and flavour is this way. Return your tray to the windowsill after harvesting a portion of it, and it will continue to grow there until you need it again. You could also find that your microgreens are a little bit crisper and sweeter in the morning, though unnecessary. This is because they spend the night replacing their lost moisture and turning the starch from the previous day into sugar.

What Are The Different Uses Of Microgreens?

Microgreens are incredibly adaptable, with tastes ranging from carrot to wasabi and hues from green to pink. The most often used applications for microgreens are:

included in

  1. Salads

  2. Adding layers to sandwiches

  3. Using them in beverages

  4. Using them as soup seasoning

  5. Microgreen Juices

How To Use Microgreens In Food?

At OMG, we offer you 10+ varieties of microgreens to get you started. We advise growing microgreens based on how you'll prepare them. Here are a few of our favourite recipes!

Cooking With Microgreens: How To Cook With Microgreens?

Generally speaking, it is not advisable to cook microgreens since the high heat decreases their rich vitamin content. Additionally, heat is not necessary to soften them because they are so tender and crisp. However, there are a few exceptions, such as adding mung bean sprouts at the end of your stir fry.

Can Microgreens Be Frozen?

If you have too many microgreens to consume after harvest, freezing them is a fantastic way to preserve their nutritional value. However, freezing will change the texture of your microgreens, so this method is only recommended if you want to blend them.

Check out our separate blogs on these subjects if you're interested in learning more about microgreens, how to produce them, the various kinds of microgreens, or the advantages of eating them. 


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