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About OMG 

OMG, you found us! 

Our mission is to encourage a healthier lifestyle by connecting people to fresh and nourishing food. We believe that food is sacred and that gratitude is the foundation of a good meal. With our fresh products, OMG is committed to creating a lasting impact in the community through plant-based nutrition.


The plants we use are locally and hydroponically grown. They are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, harvested to meet your daily dietary needs.  

OMG believes that health and happiness are essential to living a fulfilling life. We are passionate about the potential and power of plant-based nutrition; our juices, micro-greens, salads, and condiments are made with care and contain an abundance of nutrients and vital energy that will nourish your body, mind, and soul.



We use ingredients of premium quality, combining the precision of science with the purity of nature. All our products are filled with fresh, local, and ethically sourced ingredients.




Blending up delicious juices, smoothies, salads and wraps made from real ingredients, nothing else delivered the same day! 



 We use fresh and local ingredients that are ethically obtained. 

Our products are made with natural wholefoods that are ethically sourced from the soil rather than from a lab. 



Our journey to entirely sustainable packaging is IN PROGRESS. The majority of our products are packaged in plastic-free, recyclable containers, and all of our PACKAGING  are  100% compostable at home.

We're on a mission to support our customers' health by providing conscious whole-food products manufactured with integrity that are healthy for our planet and people. 


Our goal is to travel as lightly as possible, therefore we're moving our complete line to compostable or sustainable packaging, ensuring all products are obtained responsibly, operating sustainably, and actively giving back to our community and environment.

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