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What’s up with cold press juices?

The newest health drinks that dietitians and fitness professionals suggest are cold-pressed juices. After Hollywood celebrities emphasised the cleansing properties of cold-pressed juices, cold-pressed juices began to gain popularity. Cold-pressed juices are widely available at snack bars at gyms and spas as well as in the health sections of supermarkets. What makes this drink so unique, then? What makes it unique from conventional juice? Should it matter if your juice is ordinary or cold-pressed, too? In this article, we try to highlight a few of these queries.

Juicing Technique

The method used to extract the juice is the primary distinction between cold-pressed and conventional juices. The juice and flesh of fruits and vegetables are separated using sharp, fine blades in centrifugal juicers. However, because a hot, quickly rotating knife is used, the juice's vital nutrients are lost. The juicer's heat destroys the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables.

A powerful device called a cold-pressed juicer, available from companies like KENT, extracts nutrient-rich juices from various fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed juicers press and crush fruits and vegetables to extract the most juice possible while preserving a high level of fibre and minerals in the final residue.

Here’s why Cold Pressed Juice is Better than Regular Juice

• Cold-pressed juices from various fruits and vegetables burst with enzymes and natural nutrients.

Low RMP (revolutions per minute) is used by cold-pressed juicers, which aids in the extraction of juice from green leafy vegetables and herbs. As a result, it allows users the freedom to extract nutrient-rich, vitamin-rich, and tastier green juices.

Cold-pressed juices include much fibre. Dietary fibre is crucial for managing diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. You may be sure to get a healthy dosage of fibre that may be lacking in your diet by drinking cold-pressed juice daily.

• Typically, raw fruits and vegetables are used to make the juice. As a result, none of the beneficial nutrients has been wasted, unlike when cooking or steaming. As a result, cold-pressed juices have the ability to increase the body's immunity. Cold-pressed juice drinkers are less likely to get the flu, infections, or other illnesses.

Finally, the cold-pressed juicer has excellent flavour. Various herbs and substances can be blended to improve the juice's flavour. Cold-pressed juice has a better, earthier flavour.

Why Switch to Cold Pressed Juice?

This question has an obvious solution. We frequently neglect our physical and mental health due to our hectic lives. Unhealthy eating patterns have also contributed to several health issues, some of which may be fatal. Regular fruit juices contain much sugar and can disturb the body's average blood sugar levels.

Eating well is crucial for maintaining good health. We are, after all, what we consume. Cold-pressed juice is a highly nutritious solution for individuals who lead hectic lives and lack time to eat balanced meals. A bottle or glass of cold-pressed juice can make up for our nutritional shortfalls in such a situation.


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