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Sustainability, Mindfulness and Heartfulness

Deeply rooted in the principles of heartful living, we at omg aim to promote total wellness in our ourselves and in our community by creating ecologically-sustainable food choices and encouraging mindful consumption of day-to-day meals that allow people to feel more in tune with what they consume and evoke a state of conscious eating.


Healthy food choices and conscious environmental decisions go hand-in-hand. It begins with establishing a culture of healthy living, embracing equitable solutions, and creating a food security system - keeping in mind the needs and concerns of all the creatures on our planet.

One of the most critical aspects towards this step is the practice of eating mindfully. Through a culmination of heartfulness and mindfulness, we ensure that our consumers are aware of what they are putting in their bodies so they can both feel and understand how it is nourishing their systems.

Our in-house recipes have been prepared with the utmost care and ensure that you not only get the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients lost in conventionally-raised food, but that you also enjoy your meals without missing the alternatives.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself exclaiming “OMG!” at the taste of our products. Wanna add some greens to your next meal? Click here.



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