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Five ways to eat microgreens!

Microgreens are a source of numerous vitamins and minerals. While there are no wrong ways of eating microgreens, this blog explores the best ways to get the most out of them!


When consumed uncooked, all microgreens perform best. By avoiding the burner, you can keep the delicate flavour character that you've come to anticipate from each of these tiny powerhouses while also keeping the food fresh and crisp. There are many benefits to choosing raw food over cooked food when it comes to microgreens, not to mention that all cooking methods inherently deplete some nutrients. The sunflower stalk is one vegetable that thrives when eaten uncooked. This tangy tiny green makes a vibrant salad dressing. This fantastic recipe combines the mildness of sunflower shoots with some of its zippier relatives.

Sandwiches and wraps

All things portable are, of course, another natural choice. Whatever your preference—tortilla, pita, gluten-free—microgreens are a fantastic way to spruce up any sandwich or wrap with flavour and nutrition. This is why radish greens are interesting since they also add a spicy aspect to the dish. Wraps are typically the go-to sandwich form because they provide containment without the extra bread. Here is a recipe for one of our favourite wraps.

Cooking with microgreens

When cooked, some of these greens perform exceptionally well. Others can withstand a little heat, while others t the very last minute, like radish sprouts. Stir-fry recipes can benefit significantly from the addition of microgreens. If you're not a vegetarian, they also work great in other meals like this spaghetti recipe with fresh spring vegetables and pancetta.

Juices and Smoothies

When it comes to the world of juices, wheatgrass is the undisputed champion. People who juice to achieve optimal health have long employed wheatgrass. Many people find that adding this to a blend of other ingredients helps to mask the intensely green flavour while also providing a significant nutritious boost. Wheatgrass juice can also be consumed on its own, but for a refreshing beverage, it is recommended that you blend one part juice with three parts water. But wheatgrass may be easily incorporated into any smoothie or juice mix. Here is a straightforward, versatile smoothie recipe that you'll adore.


Whoa, what? Yes, there are a few different ways to bake using microgreens. Why not use sunflower sprouts instead of spinach in your dal or salad? They'll provide a level of flavour that spinach can't, and they'll also have a stunning appearance. Or, if you're daring, add a few radish sprouts to a pie of summer berries. This unusually subtle spice undertone will balance the berries' richness.

Although there are specific ways that each microgreen shines, there is no wrong way to eat them. Comment below with your favourite recipes if you have one; we'd love to learn how you use yours!


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