OMG! you found us.

Established in Kanha, Hyderabad, we are a devoted team of brothers committed to using plant-based nutrition to have a long-lasting effect on our community. Our mission is to encourage a healthier lifestyle by connecting people to fresh and nourishing food. We believe that food is sacred and that gratitude is the foundation of a good meal. With our fresh products, OMG is committed to creating a lasting impact in the community through plant-based nutrition.

OMG, you found us!

We placed three core values in stone at the beginning of our journey. We continue to make an effort to uphold these commitments in all of our interactions with the community today. The plants we use are locally and hydroponically grown. They are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, harvested to meet your daily dietary needs. 

Our Philosophy

Always Fresh

Each and every product at OMG is delivered to you fresh. We strive to provide our customers quality produce in the best possible manner!


Every single one of our recipes is created by holistic nutritionists using full, healthy, organic foods that support a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 


Using recyclable packaging, and environment-friendly chemical free methods of growing our produce,  we strive to build a sustainable community 

OMG believes that health and happiness are essential to living a fulfilling life. We are passionate about the potential and power of plant-based nutrition; our juices, micro-greens, salads, and condiments are made with care and contain abundant nutrients and vital energy that nourish your body, mind, and soul.